The Fine Arts Club of Pasadena has two categories of membership, Active membership and Honorary membership. The Bylaws of The Fine Arts Club of Pasadena limit the number of Active Members to 175.

Active membership is open to any individual who is actively engaged in the creation or execution of works in the fine arts or who is interested in furthering the purpose of the Club. Application for Active membership should be made on forms provided by the Club, and must be signed by a member of the Club who will propose the applicant for membership. One endorser who is personally acquainted with the applicant and his or her professional work or interest in the arts must also sign the application.

Completed and signed application forms will be presented to the Membership Committee, and, if recommended by the Membership Committee, the applicant may be elected by a three-fourths majority of the Board of Directors. If elected, the application will be read and the new member, if present, will be introduced to the Club at the next regular membership meeting.

Honorary membership is offered to persons who have achieved preeminence in any of the fine arts. Honorary Members are proposed by three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors and are elected by a majority of the members of the Club. The Bylaws of the Club limit Honorary membership to three or fewer individuals in any single year.

For more information about becoming a member, please complete our Request for Information form.