History of the Fine Arts Club of Pasadena

Founded 1913

In November 1913, Eleanor Miller held a meeting of sixty musicians and artists at her Pasadena residence for the purpose of forming a league of one hundred professionals in the Fine Arts. The members were encouraged to support the Arts. Representatives of the arts of painting, sculpture, and literature were later incorporated into the group, together with honorary members Charles Wakefield Cadman, Mrs. Carrie Jacobs Bond and Gilmore Brown.

During the post-war years, President J. Maria Pierce and a few dedicated members began to improve and modernize all aspects of the Club. In addition, as chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, she used her influence with the Opera Guild and the Pasadena Symphony Association to successfully initiate and coordinate the first three Pasadena Festivals for the Arts.

In 1930, the Club adopted a logo based on the Tree of Learning and the Arts. In 1992, the logo was modified and updated by Rosa Chandler, under the sponsorship of Susan and T. Cole Williams.

The Club is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of the arts and to granting awards to talented young artists. There have been 138 winners in various categories of the Arts, since the awards were first granted in 1962.

The Fine Arts Club of Pasadena was incorporated as a non-profit corporation on April 3, 1968, to encourage the creation, execution and appreciation of work in all branches of the Fine Arts. The Club has a 501 (c)(3) status.

The Fine Arts Club of Pasadena is a founding member of the Pasadena Arts Council. At least twenty of the Club’s active, honorary and young award winners have received Gold Crown Awards from the Pasadena Arts Council. On June 5, 1983, The Fine Arts Club itself was given a Gold Crown Award “…in recognition of continuous contributions of the Arts.”